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Health Sciences (‘24)/Biology

Hi everyone! I am excited to serve as your President this year in H4H Orlando after serving as one of the Presidential directors last year. I am currently a pre-medical student and aspire to become a surgeon in the future. In my free time, you can catch me doing one of my favorite hobbies: coaching youth basketball! 

H4H has allowed me to connect with the underserved and make a difference in their health. It's an exciting opportunity to gain hands-on clinical experience, pursue leadership, and become an active member of the Central Florida community. Whether through our free health screenings, donation drives, or educational workshops, I'm confident this organization strives to provide the homeless community of Orlando with hope within themselves and faith in humanity! 

Directorship(s): Donation Drive 



Biomedical Sciences (‘23)/Mathematics/Medical Sociology

Hello, everyone! I am thrilled to serve as your Vice President for H4H Orlando this year! I am currently on the pre-medical track and aspire to become a physician in the future. As a physician, my aim is to build permanent access to medical resources for underserved communities while actively treating people. When I’m not working, you will most likely find me passing the time baking cakes! 

I joined H4H my freshman year and am grateful to be a part of such an impactful organization that addresses health disparities to bring a necessary and crucial change to our community. Since joining, I have served as a volunteer and Vice President director for the past three and two years, respectively. I strive to uphold and foster the kind, encouraging, and educating environment that H4H has provided me and always work towards building innovative ideas to help our community. 


Directorship(s): Advocacy & Donation Drive 



Health Sciences (‘23)/Psychology

Hi there! I am excited to be serving as your Secretary this year for H4H after previously serving as one of the Medical Information Directors! I am currently in the process of applying to medical school and have an interest in emergency medicine and cardiology. My favorite hobbies include painting and cooking various types of cuisines! 

H4H is an amazing organization with a mission that I truly believe in. I think the work we are able to do to serve the homeless populations is meaningful. Whether it’s taking blood pressures or just being present and having conversations with the people there, we are able to make a real impact. These are also opportunities for us to develop our clinical skills as well as our compassion for others. 

Directorship(s): Newsletter


Biomedical Sciences (‘23)/Psychology

Hi guys! I am your Treasurer this year for H4H, and I am eager to work with my fellow officers to host fun events to raise funds for our amazing cause, increase participation, and create stronger bonds between our members! This is my senior year, and I hope to begin medical school after graduating from UCF. I love traveling and learning about different cultures! 

Coming from a Third World country, I have seen up close the impact of homelessness on one's health, and I've always wanted to do something about the situation. I joined H4H because I saw this organization as a way to bring effective and positive changes to the standard of living of the homeless population, a community so often overlooked by the majority of society. Since then, I have worked as a director for our previous treasurers over the past two years. I have also been the regional director of South America in Hearts for the Homeless International for a year and a half now. 

Directorship(s): Fundraising



Biomedical Sciences ('23)/Health Sciences 

Hi guys! I am thrilled to serve as your Community Outreach Officer this upcoming year after serving as community outreach director last year, and I cannot wait to work with everyone this year! My future goal is to become a physician assistant with a special interest in surgery. My favorite hobby is playing volleyball, my favorite sport! 

H4H gave me an outlet to connect with one of the most vulnerable populations in our community. Many of the homeless population in Downtown Orlando don’t have access to screening opportunities and general health educational resources. The fact that we, as students, can unite to address this issue is truly inspiring. Not only are we helping them towards their well-being, but we are also there to act as friends, and sometimes that's all they want. 


Directorship(s): Volunteering & Screening


Biomedical Sciences and Life Sciences (‘23)/Business Administration

Hi everyone! I am super excited to be your Medical Information Officer for a second year! I will be applying to PA school next cycle to pursue a career as a physician assistant. If anyone has questions about this path, feel free to reach out to me! A  fun fact about me is that I played basketball for over seven years! 

I joined H4H my first year in college because it is a tight-knit club where you can meet so many individuals and get close to! I loved the aspect of interacting directly with homeless patients and seeing the impact I was making right in front of me. In H4H, I was a medical information director for a year and a half before becoming elected as Medical Information Officer my junior year. The stories I’ve heard from them really furthered my passion for why I wanted to pursue healthcare and made me driven as a student to succeed. 

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