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Health Sciences (‘24)

Hi everyone! I am excited to serve as your President this year in H4H Orlando after serving as one of the Presidential Directors during my sophomore year. I am currently a pre-medical student and aspire to become a surgeon in the future. In my free time, you can catch me doing one of my favorite hobbies: coaching youth basketball! 

H4H has allowed me to connect with the underserved and make a difference in their health. It's an exciting opportunity to gain hands-on clinical experience, pursue leadership, and become an active member of the Central Florida community. Whether through our free health screenings, donation drives, or educational workshops, I'm confident this organization strives to provide the homeless community of Orlando with hope within themselves and faith in humanity! 

Directorship(s): Donation Drive 



Biomedical Sciences (‘23)/ Health Sciences

Hi guys! I am thrilled to serve as your Vice President this year after serving as Community Outreach Officer last year, and I cannot wait to work with everyone this year! My future goal is to become a physician assistant with a special interest in orthopedic surgery. My favorite hobby is playing volleyball, my favorite sport! 

H4H gave me an outlet to connect with one of the most vulnerable populations in our community. Many of the homeless population in Downtown Orlando don’t have access to general health educational resources. The fact that we, as students, can unite to address this issue is truly inspiring. Not only are we helping them towards their well-being, but we are also there to act as friends, and sometimes that's all they want. 


Directorship(s): Advocacy 



Biomedical Sciences (‘24)/ Health Sciences

Hi there! I am excited to be serving as your Secretary this year for H4H after previously serving as one of the Volunteering Directors! I plan on becoming a physician with the aim of providing more authentic clinical visits to marginalized populations. My favorite hobbies include bowling and playing basketball!
H4H is an amazing organization with a mission that I truly believe in. Seeing how chronic diseases ravage our nation's people inspired me to work with the population lacking the most in health education and preventative care. I strive to do more meaningful clinical work where I could directly see the fruit of my labor. This year, I plan to establish more social events aimed at fostering stronger bonds between members, while also improving the virtual aspects of our organization to make it easier for members to actively contribute to fulfilling H4H's mission. 

Directorship(s): Socials & Newsletter 


Health Sciences ('24)

Hi guys! I'm excited to be your Treasurer for H4H this year, having previously served as one of the Fundraising Directors. I am currently working towards becoming a physician, and I have a particular interest in cardiology. A fun fact about me is that I have a passion for ceramics, especially wheel throwing, which I find incredibly relaxing and enjoyable!
H4H was the first organization for me in which I felt truly involved in helping my community. Within H4H, I connected with fellow individuals who shared a deep commitment to assisting our underserved community, and I cherished the opportunity to surround myself with like-minded people who shared this passion. Being part of something meaningful has been a source of happiness for me, and I aim to capitalize on this by creating a merchandise store, hosting more fundraising initiatives, and implementing a budget system to further streamline our financial management.  


Directorship(s): Fundraising 

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Biomedical Sciences (‘24)

Hi everyone! I am super excited to be your Medical Informations Officer for this year! My aspiration is to attend medical school and pursue a career as a physician, with a particular interest in emergency medicine. A fun fact about me is that I starred in a local commercial for a party venue rental service when I was little!
Four years ago, I lost my home to hurricane Maria. For over a year, I slept on the floor and had no electricity, water service, or transportation. Now that my circumstances have improved, I want to dedicate my time to helping those in need and H4H has provided me an outlet to do just that. I served as a Medical Informations Director for a year where I ran blood pressure practical trainings and gave informative skin cancer presentations. This year I plan to improve members understanding of the health screening results and advocate for skin health among the homeless community.

Directorship(s): Medical Information



Hi guys! I am thrilled to serve as your Community Outreach Officer this upcoming year after serving as one of the Volunteer Directors last semester. My future goal is to become a physician and serve historically underserved communities. Fun fact, I am one of the co-founders of a new club at UCF called the Mothers and Children Health Association! I joined H4H as I wanted to be part of making a change to the lives of the homeless individuals. With my time in H4H, I was able to introduce eye health screenings and establish a partnership with the Ocoee Lions Club Eye Clinic to refer homeless individuals with low eye health screening scores for further assistance. Being directly part of such an significant impact is why I chose to pursue H4H! This year, I have plans to expand our health screenings locations, introduce more vital checks, and start a clinical volunteering program, so be on the look out for those! 

Directorship(s): Volunteering & Screenings 



Biomedical Sciences & Chemistry (‘26)

Hey there! I am excited to be your Recruitment Officer this year! I am currently a pre-medical student with a future goal of becoming a physician. A fun fact about me is that I have been a dancer for about 14 years!
I joined Hearts for the Homeless because of its profound and impactful mission, which is dedicated to addressing healthcare concerns of the underserved population in Orlando. In the previous year, I had the privilege of serving as one of the Networking Directors for H4H! I am deeply committed to significantly expanding our membership and intensifying our engagement efforts through strategic utilization of Instagram and TikTok platforms. This emphasis on social media will enable us to reach a broader audience and further amplify the essential work we do in our community

Directorship(s): Networking

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